Review: The Trilisk Ruins

The Trilisk Ruins
The Trilisk Ruins by Michael McCloskey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found The Trilisk Ruins to be an interesting start to a story. The author didn’t focus too deeply on trying to explain the science of what was going on. And in some aspects it felt a little rushed, but overall I would say that I did enjoy the story.

The story focuses around Telisa Relachik, a Xenoarchaeologist in a time frame where Earth is being run by an oppressive government that appears to have grown out of the United Nations.

The United Nations Space Force controls everything that happens outside of Earth’s orbit. It enforces it’s rules with harsh zealotry. I can almost liken it’s desire of control and level of fanatcism to Nazi Germany in many ways. Telisa signs on with a group of smugglers that travel into space, searching for alien ruins to try and salvage technology out from.

Overall there is a lot of negative perception being conveyed of the government, though much of that stems from rights violations and corruption it appears. I would say if you enjoy a good space Drama, this is a story worth looking into.

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