ISP Wars, the Continuing Saga pt3

And so the battle continues. My day at home comes. I’m told that the technician will arrive sometime between 8am and 5pm so I need to be there. After informing my employers that I’ll be out I proceed to sit down and wait. I work on unpacking a small bit and I play a little bit on my offline computer. Mostly I just waste time and plan out what I’ll take care of when the technician finishes. I assume I won’t see him until 5:00pm because most times that is just how it works out. Hours roll buy and I have no sign from the technician. I’ve had bad experiences with scheduled appointments never making it to the schedule so I call the group about now, spend another hour on hold and double check that I am indeed scheduled to have a technician come by today. Fantastic.

I proceed to go back to waiting. About 4:30 I start to get an inkling that something isn’t looking good here. I break down and call again. I’m told that I should just wait and that sometimes they arrive as late as 8pm to install these things. 8pm? Thats really outside the normal windows of service that I’ve ever heard of, but the Support individual confirmed the time. So I’m back to waiting. Finally at about 8pm I go to bed, furious and still without Internet. The next morning at work I receive a phone call informing me that a technician is ready to come out to my location. I explode and inform them of the raving stupidity of this situation. I explain how they are costing me money not only by having me leave my job but by preventing me from handling my business and accounts online. I want blood. But they are ever so nice about getting me out of work again and so generous to offer me not a damned thing for the privilege to get their service activated an entire month after my original in service date.

Pissed off and tired I head home. I meet with this technician and the problem turns out to be a 2 second wiring patch job to fix. A broken damned wire is what kept me from having Internet for an entire month and hours of wasted time dealing with these people on the phone. I’m online now, but I still want blood. The sad part is I’m unsure how to best get the compensation I feel I rightly deserve. I’ve wasted hours of my time trying to resolve something they should have done overnight and I wasted an entire day and a half waiting for a technician that never came. I personally think this is completely off base and should be compensated for.

What about everyone else?