I’m Alive!

Well I have finally kicked the bug entirely. It was crazy and unpleasant. Every time I though I had gotten past the bud it would come back again and knock me back down. Thankfully I’ve learned the power of medication for when you are sick and I’ve finally gotten over whatever that bug was.

I’m spending some time thinking and trying to re-evaluate where I amm and where I’m going. I’m working ons pending some time on Animation and programming, but even more I’ve been thinking about my larger goal of space travel.

I’m not sure how I’m going to meet that goal yet, but I’m spending a lot more time thinking of it lately and I think its getting closer to time that I dust off OFSEAC and make another attempt. People are starting to get ready for a change. It could be they are more geared to that direction now than they were before. We’ll have to see.