When new hardware met bad marketing

So I’ve noticed a trend in recent years. This trend is to create these new and amazing bits of hardware that are, for the most part, just advanced versions of existing equipment. And then price them at absolutely obsurd prices. A prime example of this is the NEC CRV43. Why is that a prime example of what I’m talking about? Because none of the technology used in that monitor is new. The only interesting point is the fact that its a 43″ widescreen monitor. Even moreso the 43″ is solely in the width portion of the monitor. Not the whole monitor.

The asking price for this little baby? $8,000!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for charging a price to recoup your cost. But really. How much cost could have been incurred building a monitor who’s ‘New features’ to be boasted are a curved screen and the fact that its a width of 43″ instead of the smaller sizes.

This is of course following the realization that you can buy a 28″ monitor for $400, but if you want to by a 30″ monitor, just 2″ larger, you have to pay $1,200.  These seemingly random jumps in cost just make no sense to me. I would expect the prices to fluxuated up and down  depending on sales. But that doesn’t appear to be the case at all.

I can’t help but fear where rampant greed in the marketplace is going to take us evetually.