Thanksgiving Day Update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Postings here have been sparse on all fronts. My apologies for that. But i my defense I have been putting effort into some personal projects including one for the VTT Platform Fantasy Grounds II. Specifically we’re hammering out the last steps of a deal that will have me developing an official ruleset for the platform and follow up adventures. I’m looking forward to that. But between that and the job I work to actually pay bills (And that one takes more time than I like to admit. Its funny how once you leave the front line peon level you find yourself putting in more and more time for the same money) I haven’t had a lot of free time to play around here and offer up my glow bits of inane wisdom and commentary.

I have a really good friend that is actually a Rocket Scientist. He’s an Astrophysisist. I must say I really enjoy talking with him. We often find ourselves discussing topics ranging from Economy to climate. I need to work on getting him to sign on here. I think having a place to post his thoughts and finding would be good for him.

Anyway, I’m off to spend the day with friends, food and games. I hope everyone has a pleasent Thanksgiving holiday!