Notes on Drahkar –

There is not much to say about myself. At least that is the mindset I have. Anything I was to say would simply be my attempting to force a perspective onto others that they have not learned to believe themselves. However that is the nature of existence to a point and a requirement to getting to know a person. So I’ll take this moment to do so, though you will likely come to disagree with various points in the future. Mankind is nothing if not adaptable and ever changing. So Some of these points over time are bound to change.

Who is He?

Drahkar, as an entity, is my computerized personae. I’ve placed him in my stead to protect myself as a person as I enjoy the small amount of false privacy that I have left. I don’t deny that recent changes in US Policy has reduced that level of privacy considerably, but I like my delusions for the moment so I hold onto them with this pseudonym.

That being said I have a long background that shifts through several different, genres if you will. I actually started my interests and research in the Occult, Religion, Theology, Mysticism and Ritualism. Why? Well I would think that it would be obvious. These topics have been around couple millennia. People have researched, played roles in and tried to understand them for longer than most everything else has existed. So for someone attempting to understand the core truth of things it seems the most logical place to start.

After that I did a complete 180. I moved from those topics to Science and Technology. Now this one is a little trickier for some. Many people are not interested in understanding the core truth of things. They say they already do. But when I say I want to understand the core truth of something the answer doesn’t involve ‘Because a higher power wished it to be so’. Thats Faith. Not Truth. Now don’t take that the wrong way and think I’m saying that faith is bad. I’m not. As a matter of fact I think faith is wonderful and helps a lot of people through some very troubling times. Its just not The Truth.

What do I believe then? Well, I don’t have enough information yet to fully formulate an opinion. I see many things that tell me that a lot of religions have they good parts and bad parts. And in all religions there are fanatics. Its the nature of man. I don’t focus much of my search for truth in religion anymore. The reason for this is that its too difficult with where we are to find any accurate or detailed information that would allow me to make conclusions with. Instead I focus on the world at large which brings us to my next point.

What is my Goal?

My goal with this blog is to touch upon topics that I see as needing to be looked at from a more common sense view. Yes, this is common sense as -I- see it, thats the nature of being human, no matter how hard you try, things will inevitably be from your perspective. But at least I acknowledge that. Too many people out there stating ‘This is the way it is’ without acknowledging that not everyone is going to agree with it. I do, however, strive to keep some items as unbiased as I can. It doesn’t always work, but I make the attempt.

As the site moves along I’ll be adding categories to the site as I go to cover the topics that I’ll be commenting on from time to time. It is my expectation to keep regular posts to this forum, but its hard to make completely guarantees to that as I run my own business. Its amazing how much time doing so takes.