Nader… For President?

And now we flash back to…. wait. You mean right now? Oh holy hell what is going on here?!

What is going on? That’s easy.  With all the muck that is being thrown around out there, our favorite party hopper has decided to throw his hand into the presidential run once again. As if causing a huge upset the first time by preventing a solid winning by either candidate while knowing there was no chance of him winning (two percent is impressive. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s a far shot from a majority vote. Something he should have realized with the poll numbers early on.)

Now the question is why would be do it again? We have a very similar situation here with two contending individuals (McCain likely for the Republicans and Obama likely for the Democrats at this point) and Nader has decided that he needs to put his hand in as well. While I applaud his determination; and he might actually do well this year, with such a large group of people who are not happy with the choices being offered. But realistically what are his chances of winning? I would have to say low. Like it or not it is a two party system, and it is extremely difficult for a third party candidate to get anywhere. Hell, if you have an unpopular view and ARE a primary party candidate you have a hard time getting anywhere. Just ask Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

As it is I think a lot of people will be watching this year’s election. There is a lot of people hoping to have the travesties put out by the current administration corrected and there are a very few candidates left who are even considering the repairing of the damage done to our personal liberties and the constitution. Not to mention our credibility on an International front. We’ll have to see.