The Mindset of an Illness

When I moved to Chicago I knew there would be an inevitable grace period where I had to get used to the weather. What I wasn’t ready for was the horrible flu that would come along with this transitional period. Not to mention the forsaken need to be at work regardless of said flu because I’m a new hire. Oh the joys of being the new kind on the block.
So I’m fighting a flu that is affecting my voice so it’s hard for people to hear me, I work at a job that requires me to talk to people. Interesting mix wouldn’t you think? I’m forced to agree. Thankfully so far I’m still getting positive reviews regardless of me being sick. Let’s hope I can hold up the charade for longer.

Coming in the next post will be my long winded rant on why broadband internet providers are staffed and run by the dumbest beings on this planet.