Madness of last week

So last week I was sitting at work and I was trying to focus on making myself care enough to get something done. I was finding it difficult however because one of the first things to happen when I got into work was to have my co-workers start commenting and complaining about a problem with a build that should never have happened. It was such a simple thing that people had repeatedly pointed out, so to have it actually happen anyway stopped me short.

Next it was to hear about the Somalian Pirates that have hijacked yet another ship over by Somalia that nobody will put the kind of effort into stopping that they should. Then you hear about Obama not following through with the transparency of government promise where Warrantless Wiretapping is concerned. Not only preventing the lawsuits that are trying to punish those who stepped on our Liberties during the Bush Administration, but helping to protect the people like Cheney as well.

I’m nervous where this is all heading. Between Daytraders who don’t understand the concern of long term investment (Here is good information on the whole process including some sound Predictions and suggestions) to Political face offs that are preventing anything useful from being put into place. I can’t help but be concerned where we are going to find outselves in the next few years.