Political Lunacy

So glancing around the web today I came across a youtube recording of a Charlie Brooker Discussing British Newscasts and American Newscast. He goes over some comparisons, but even more interesting is the section where he talks about US News ‘Personalities’ and the Channels/Shows they represent. I find it interesting because I can’t help but wonder why someone who is not in the US can so easily see the painfully obvious bias that is just sickeningly embedded into current US News Media but our everyday citizen can’t. The News MEdia today is not about the facts anymore. Its about trying to push your personal agenda.

Hell, its gotten so bad that you have to watch a comedy show to get better unbiased reporting because it can focus it’s jokes on pointing out how messed up the mainstream media is!! That to me is a serious problem. Why does it seem like so few Americans can see what is so blatantly obvious to someone almost 3500 miles across the Atlantic?

Here you watch it and offer your thoughts.