Its a Vicious Circle

I swear I will never understand how our modern owrld has come to be. Its almost like a group of people sat down and went ‘Hmm. lets think of the most inefficient and stupide way of doing things. We’ll keep thinking these things trying to one up eachother. And when we finally can’t think of anything more rediculous and stupid than the last idea, THAT’S the idea we’ll use.’

What spurred this on? Simple. apparently I got a parking ticket at sometime in the past. But these guys in all their brilliance just leave the ticket sitting on the car. No way of being sure the person actually gets it. Just ‘Swoop’ there we go. Ticket sitting on the car. Cause obviously nothing could ever possibly happen to that ticket. I get a letter threatening suspended license and a warrant for my arrest if I don’t pay off a parking ticket -I’VE NEVER SEEN-. Not to mention, isn’t arrest a little hefty for a $60 expired tag parking ticket? I mean seriously. Like our penal system wasn’t under enough pressure as it is. Now we have to incarcerate anyone affiliated with weed, legal or not, and random people who just had the misfortune of not getting the ticket that some jackass just set on the windshield!

At anyrate, now I have to take time off work to go deal with this so I don’t get any disruptions to my ability to drive or walk around free. Both of which are things I tend to like having access to.

Welcome to America. Land of the free indeed.