Religion: Good or Bad?

I tend to be one to think about the big picture from time to time. I like to sit back and try and get a feel for a topic.  I’ll mull it over for a few hours and just generally see what I come up with. More than once I’ve gravitated towards the topic of religion. This make sense seeing as its such a close to the heart topic for pretty much everyone in one form or another. Over the years I’ve thought about what I personally believe in, how I feel about what other people believe in and generally what kinds of impacts it has on our lives as a whole.

After a considerably amount of thinking I’ve come to a conclusion. That conclusion is that Religion is probably the single most destructive concept to be created by mankind to date. Second to that is a legal system that is more concerned about lining their pockets with cash than actually working to protect out lives and liberties. But thats a whole different article to be written.

So, Religion. I suppose everyone is going to first wonder why I’m so negative on religion. More than once I’ve been asked if I have a problem with people believing in God. My response to that is absolutely not. As a matter of fact I fully support people having faith and believing what they need to. Where people get confused is that Religion, specifically Organized Religion, has absolutely nothing to do with God, Faith or personal belief. Its about control, power and money. Period. A small group of people lording over everyone else and pretending that their shit smells like roses. It just makes me sick.Even worse, those same assholes will thing push agendas like Creationism. Thats right kids. I am not a supporter of that crackpot sudo-religious bullshit. Was there a ‘Hand of God’ involved in the creation of our world and us in general? I have no idea. But any explination that demands you ignore everything that you see in front of you for a completely unfounded belief  that has been proven time and time again to be not viable in any way shape or form by almost every accreditted scientific body out there is not something I think anyone should be giving any weight to.

Now you have this like this. A teacher, doing nothing more that -STATING A PROVEN FACT- is sued and loses by a self-righteous prick of a student who thinks that his personal beliefs are more important than having the truth taught to people. What the hell is this world coming to? I mean seriously?

As it is, I’m at a loss. I personally believe that religious and greed has held back mankind socially, culturally and scientifically horribly over the years. The worthless President Bush is a prime example of that. His ‘Administration’ is accused of horrible manipulation, tampering, holding back and outright fabrication of scientific results to better push his personal religious beliefs onto the American public. Great to know our tax sollars are at work, huh?