Tron returns in Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy. Where to even start. I’ll admit freely that I was completely taken away with the original Tron. It was an amazing bit of Science Fiction that completely swallowed up my imagination. And now, almost three decades after it’s release they are finally making an official movie sequel. I say movie sequel because there was a storyline sequel that was put out in video game form as Tron 2.0. For those who loved Tron, it was an excellent game to play, added to that, they did a fantastic job with a storyline that continued where the original movie took off.  Although in Tron 2.0 instead of the main character being the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), it was the son of Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner).

Now we finally have it. An official movie release sequel to the original. As an avid lover of the original I simple can’t wait. The same goes for most of the people I know. However I recently read a review at (Tron’s Triumphant Return to Cyberspace – While the review was extremely flattering to Tron: Legacy, I can honestly say that I was unimpressed with the tone used to describe the original. This is movie that along with William Gibson has defined the concept of what a Virtual Cyberspace would be in the minds of the world round. I am hard pressed to find many people who haven’t seen the movie or know of it. That is amazing cultural integration and the fact that its lasted almost 30 years. To hear them talk about it. You’d think that tron was a small drop in the pond that hardly anyone even remembers playing. Personally I think they are not giving the original the credit that it honestly deserves.

At anyrate, I think everyone, EVERYONE, should go see Tron: Legacy. Matter of fact, try and find the original (at a reasonable price of course) and watch it again before you go see the movie. Get as much as you can and see if you can link things from the new one to the original. It always adds a lot to the enjoyment, especially when its been a while since the original.