Review – Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy - Recognizer

Tron: Legacy


Kevin Flynn has gone missing. His Son, Sam Flynn, is eventually drawn into a mystery the leads him to the digital scape first seen in the original Tron.

Some Spoilers in this Post. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Initial Thoughts:

I have to say that all in all I really enjoyed this movie. It touched upon a genre and storyline I’ve loved for years. This continued along that vein. There was a lot of ‘I remember THOSE!’ moments while watching it. The nostalgia factor for the film was extremely high.

Added to that was the reunion between Father and son as well as the surrounding story that they created since the end of the first movie. I think there were a lot of very good messages in this film that I’m certain were not even considered as a factor on if this was a good movie by major critics.

That being said, I feel the movie could have done with a little more added length. I just wanted to see more. But for the point they were after in the movie, it met it’s goals and was highly entertaining doing it.


I think this was a good, if short, movie. The 3D was added to it in a way that was enjoyable and not overwhelming. There was enough going on to enjoy and keep you active in the film. While I don’t see it becoming a blockbuster, the effects were awesome and the movie itself is definitely worth watching.

The only thing I, personally, think would have added a lot to it was if they had somehow tied into the storyline released in the Tron 2.0 video game. That game had as FANTASTIC storyline that would have been a very good one to watch and develop on.